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Rainbow Cement Colors
Pigments For Cement and Gypsum Products



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RAINBOW CEMENT COLORS are universal pigments which can be used to tint any type  of cement or gypsum product.  They are completely compatible with one another for mixing so that an endless variety of shades can be achieved.


▸   Tinting any type of cement or gypsum product
▸   Tinting latex or oil based paints
▸   False graining of furniture
▸   Milk paint pigment


▸   Comparatively fast to sunlight
▸   Resistant to alkalies and weak acids
▸   Weather resistant
▸   Uniform, will not deteriorate in storage
▸   Non-reactive, free from soluble salts and acids
▸   Easily dispersed in water, insoluble in water


Mixing:      Tinted Cement Or Gypsum
If mixing is done by hand, place the sand in the bottom of the mixing box, spread the cement over it, and sprinkle the predetermined amount of pigment over the cement.  The whole batch should be thoroughly mixed dry until the entire batch is of uniform color and free of streaks.  Water should then be added to bring the mixture to the proper consistency and the whole batch wet mixed.  Do not use more water than is necessary as a wet mix is difficult to handle and weakens the concrete.  On large jobs it is often economical to mix mechanically rather than manually.  When using a mixer, the same care must be taken in weighing all ingredients and in thoroughly dry mixing to a uniform color before the water is added.

Placement:        Colored Concrete All The Way                Through
After mixing the concrete, place and finish as you would ordinary concrete.  Do the finish troweling only after the moisture has disappeared from the surface.

Placement:        Colored Top Layer Concrete
Lay base layer of uncolored concrete in usual manner allowing 1 inch for the top layer.  While the base is still wet, yet stiff, and the surface water has disappeared, place 1 inch of colored concrete on top, working it thoroughly to force the air out of the mass.  Be certain to mix the colored concrete as outlined above.  Trim off any surplus with a trowel and level.  Do the finish troweling only after the moisture has disappeared from the surface.  This method requires a little more labor, but can save a considerable amount of color.

Placement:        Dry Shake Method
This is the least expensive, but most difficult method to carry out satisfactorily.  It is recommended for only those well versed in cement work.  Dry mix 1 part color, 2 parts sand, and 2 parts cement.  After the surface water has evaporated from the concrete, sift the dry mix through a screen evenly onto the surface.  When the powder appears moist, work it into the surface with a float.  If a smooth surface is desired, go over it with a trowel but avoid any water coming to the surface.

For all 3 types of placement, cure as you would ordinary concrete.  It is generally beneficial to cover the surface with burlap and keep moist after the surface has set enough to withstand weight.  Keep moist until fully set.

We generally recommend 5 pounds of color per 94 pound bag of Portland Cement.  However, lighter pastel shades can be obtained using 1 to 3 pounds, while deeper shades may require 7 to 8 pounds.  Never use more than 10 pounds of color per bag of cement.  For ready mixed concrete, we recommend 25 pounds of color per cubic yard of concrete.  Using the dry shake method, 5 pounds of color will do approximately 100 square feet of surface.  In general, for cleaner, brighter colors, we recommend the use of White Portland Cement.

Available in 1 pound boxes with sealed plastic bags (12 per carton), 5 pound boxes with sealed plastic bags (6 per carton) and 25 pound and 50 pound multiwall paper bags with moisture barrier.

Available in 25 colors.  See our color card for shades.


All colors are metal oxides and natural earth pigments and meet the standards established by ASTM C-979 "Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete".


Colors have no effect on efflorescence but make it more noticeable, especially on deeper colors, just as it shows more with gray cement than it does with white cement.  To reduce efflorescence use clean, soft water and clean, washed aggregate.  Tamp the concrete well to ensure consolidation.  If it appears, wash the surface with a solution of RAINBOW DRY ACID CRYSTALS and water, or a weak solution of Muriatic Acid.  You can also add waterproofing agents such as calcium stearate to reduce the possibility of water reentering the finished concrete.


All colors are non-toxic.  Avoid breathing dust and wash hands and skin thoroughly after handling.  For specific handling precautions and first aid procedures refer to the Material Safety Date Sheet for the particular color you are using.  Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.


The shades of colors from our color card  are approximate, based on the mixing ratios shown.  Variations may be expected due to differences in local cement and aggregates and method of application.  For a truer color representation a test with the actual raw materials to be used is recommended.  No warranties are made as to color obtained.  Due to the use of this product beyond our control, we assume no liability for damages of any kind, and the user accepts the product "as is" and without warranties, expressed or implied, from either Empire Blended Products or its agents.  The suitability of the product for an intended use shall be solely up to the user.  Our only obligation shall be to replace or pay for any material proved defective, with our liability limited to the purchase price of materials supplied by us.

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